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Truck Accident Attorney San Diego

Gateway Personal Injury Law Firm the Truck Accident Specialists
The dramatic growth in truck traffic on San Diego roadways is just one of the factors for the increase in truck accidents. Another factor is the number of unregulated trucks from Mexico and other countries, especially the trucks from Mexico that enter California under the North American Free Trade Act (NAFTA). Wherever […]

Aviation Accident Attorney San Diego

Get the Expert Aviation Accident Attorneys in San Diego
Commercial and private aircraft accidents continue to cause serious injury and death locally as well as worldwide. Legal claims arising from aviation accidents can be extremely complex and involve federal and state regulations, aviation industry standards, and technical factors of aviation. Our San Diego aviation accident attorneys handle airplane accidents including those […]

How to Find the Best Personal Injury Lawyer in San Diego

If you’ve been in a road accident and you were badly hurt, you can file a claim for compensation.  But before you make a step, you need to consult with a lawyer.  He will explain to you the entire process and will give you your options in filing for the claim.  The legal advice of the attorney will be very […]

Winning Personal Injury Case: Tips on Hiring Attorney

Winning a physical injury case can be very rewarding but the legal process; beginning from filing up to the end of trial can be very expensive.  You may not be able to defend yourself on court do you need someone authorized to represent you.  Looking for the best San Diego personal injury lawyer requires some workaround and effort.  Here are […]

Requisites for Car Accident Claim and Legal Fees

Vehicle accident is one of the leading causes of death in America.  Worst part is that victims are generally young men and women who still have a lot of reasons to live.

Knowing what your rights are in times of car or vehicle accidents is very essential.  No one can tell when mishaps may occur.  Nonetheless, learning how car accidents claim […]

Car Accidents in San Diego

According to surveys, thousands of people in America die because of car or vehicle accidents.  Reasons such as drunkenness; texting while driving; couples fighting while driving, and over speeding all may be considered negligence.

Anyone who has been injured from a car accident that results from the negligence of another person or entity can demand for compensation and claims.  He/she has […]

What to Look for in a Personal Injury Attorney

Mishaps happen.  And when they do, they can strike real hard.  Accidents caused by someone or by any entity can get real petrifying.  In times of such mishaps, you might consider finding a personal injury Attorney.

San Diego personal injury attorney law firm is a lawyer or group of lawyers who specializes in claiming damages brought about by physical or psychological […]

San Diego Injury at Zoo Involving Panda

A personal injury in San Diego occurred at the San Diego zoo recently when a keeper had to be taken to the hospital after being bitten by a giant panda. Although pandas look cute and cuddly, they can be very aggressive and overpowering bears that bite extremely hard.

This incident happened on a Sunday when the keeper was trying to move […]

San Diego Bomb House Suspect Pleads Guilty

Federal lawyers were able to reach a plea agreement with the man accused of creating a bomb factory out of a San Diego North County home. This agreement will hold George Jakubec in prison for a minimum of 30 years.

This plea agreement was to avoid trial on several felony charges. The man admitted being guilty on two counts unrelated to […]

Allegations Against San Diego Police Officer

Regarding a late December and counter with local San Diego police officer Anthony Arevalos, A. 21-year-old woman filed a complaint with police officials that the officer made several inappropriate comments during a traffic stop.

She was initially pulled over because she had expired registration tags and reported that officer Arevalos asked her to exit the vehicle and made comments such as […]