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Pedestrian Injuries by the Numbers

In cities all across the United States, pedestrians and motorists follow orderly rules of the road. Each has their own part of the road and, where they intersect, they each have a turn at the right of way. When everyone follows these rules, everyone can get to where they’re going safely. But no system works perfectly. Intoxication, distraction, or just […]

San Diego Brain Injury Attorney

The San Diego Brain Injury Experts
A blow to the head is a common consequence of many types of accidents, from automobile accidents, slip and fall accidents and workplace accidents.  The experienced brain injury attorneys at the Gateway Personal Injury Law Firm, frequently represent clients who may have thought their injuries were minor at the time of their accident, but experience […]

San Diego Accident Attorney

Aggressive San Diego Accident Attorneys
The Gateway Personal Injury Law Firm provides aggressive and tenacious accident and injury representation in the San Diego greater metropolitan area. Our firm focuses entirely on accident and personal injury cases. Large defendants and their insurance companies do not intimidate us. The insurance company’s defense attorneys know that our accident attorneys mean business.

The Gateway Personal Injury […]

File Personal Injury Lawsuit San Diego

How Much Time Do I have to File a Personal Injury Lawsuit in San Diego?
California Code of Civil Procedure Section 335.1 is the Statute of Limitations Code Section applicable to all Personal Injury and Wrongful Death cases. These cases include accidents of all kinds automobile, motorcycle, truck, bicycle, pedestrian, slip and fall, and wrongful death. The statute is also applicable […]

California Personal Injury Attorney

Gateway Personal Injury Law Firm in San Diego California
A leader in the California legal community, the Gateway Personal Injury Law Firm handles a variety of cases involving accidents, personal injury, catastrophic injury, and wrongful death. Our attorneys and supporting staff members, have the knowledge to provide sound legal advice and the courtroom skills to obtain favorable case results for you. […]

Best Personal Injury Attorney San Diego

The Best Personal Injury Attorneys in San Diego are at the Gateway Personal Injury Law Firm
The Gateway Personal Injury Law Firm is committed to providing legal advice and representation exclusively in the area of personal injury law and civil litigation in the San Diego metropolitan area.

Contact our offices to learn more about how we can help you and your family […]

Truck Accident Attorney San Diego

Gateway Personal Injury Law Firm the Truck Accident Specialists
The dramatic growth in truck traffic on San Diego roadways is just one of the factors for the increase in truck accidents. Another factor is the number of unregulated trucks from Mexico and other countries, especially the trucks from Mexico that enter California under the North American Free Trade Act (NAFTA). Wherever […]

Aviation Accident Attorney San Diego

Get the Expert Aviation Accident Attorneys in San Diego
Commercial and private aircraft accidents continue to cause serious injury and death locally as well as worldwide. Legal claims arising from aviation accidents can be extremely complex and involve federal and state regulations, aviation industry standards, and technical factors of aviation. Our San Diego aviation accident attorneys handle airplane accidents including those […]