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Our San Diego injury attorney law firm offers unparalleled service and delivers extraordinary results. When you are our client, you are a person. Not a number. From the minute you walk through the door, you will understand that, unlike other law firms, we care. You will meet with a personal injury attorney from the very first day that you step in to our office, and you will be in constant contact with an injury lawyer throughout your case. We will not hand your case over to paralegals or secretaries. We believe that being an attorney is not just a job, but a profession. We live and breathe CA law, we apply it aggressively, and we are here for you when you need us.

We take personal injury law cases on contingency, meaning that we take a percentage of whatever we recover for you, and we take nothing if we don’t recover anything. Because of the way our fee arrangement is structured, it is in our financial interests to maximize the amount of money that we recover for you. To that end, we seek compensation for every possible loss that you may have suffered. We know that every dollar counts. We carefully calculate your amount of lost earnings. This may require the use of a various experts, including an accident reconstructionist to establish fault in a collision, or an economist to calculate the present value of future lost earnings. You need a personal injury attorney in San Diego CA who understands these multiple areas of expertise and is able to coordinate the testimony of various kinds of expert witnesses.

In addition to lost earnings, you may be entitled to compensation for your medical bills. The good news is that the compensation is not just for the out-of-pocket money that you pay for medical services, but is instead for the actual cost of the medical services that you received, which may be far greater than the amount of money that you paid out. A medical insurance company will want to be compensated for the medical bills that they pay. However, we negotiate the amount of money that a medical insurance company is paid so that our slip and fall lawyers can get our clients as much money as possible for medical bills, hopefully making their deductible payments seem insignificant. Insurance companies often are able to purchase medical services on a reduced rate because they buy in bulk, so to speak. Therefore, the actual value of the medical services that you receive may be greater than the total amount of money that was paid to the health-care providers that render the services. Nonetheless, Courts calculate the amount of funds an injured party is entitled to for medical bills based on the value of services actually paid for or owed, not the value of the services as otherwise measured.

San Diego Injury Attorney

Our injury attorneys will attempt to recover the full value of all your past and future medical costs, which can be much greater than what has been paid so far by your insurance and what you have paid out as a deductible. These are just a couple of ways that we seek to maximize the amount of money you recover for your medical expenses.

Our personal injury lawyer in San Diego will also seek to recover money for your pain and suffering. Many times people who suffer accidents are no longer able to participate in activities that they once enjoyed. For example, an injury which might be repaired with a simple surgery may have damaging effects that are much greater than the value of the surgery. For example, if you play sports or a musical instrument even a minor injury to your hands or another part of your body can result in a significant amount of emotional distress for which you deserve to be compensated.

Many people who are injured also lose the ability to do other activities besides sports. For example they cannot garden, play with their children or grandchildren, play with their dog, enjoy sexual relations, or sit for long periods of time during religious services. We pride ourselves on being storytellers and on having a masterful understanding of human psychology. We paint pictures with words to convince the relevant parties that you deserve as much money as possible. In this time of need, you deserve the best representation that you can get, and should not sell yourself short by making a quick decision and neglecting to consult with caring, devoted attorneys in San Diego County. We are available for free consultation 24 hours a day seven days a week and look forward to receiving your call. Feel free to visit our new personal injury blog.

By Douglas Gilliland