Federal Judge in San Diego: Battaglia

On Monday it was unanimously confirmed that Anthony Battaglia was nominated in San Diego as a federal judge. His nomination fills a vacancy on the US District Court that has been open since October 2009. The void was first created when Judge James Lorenz took what is called senior status.

Battaglia Was nominated back in May by Pres. Obama. The non-nation was then approved by the Senate Judiciary committee however a vote was blocked by Republicans who held several Obama nominations as the expiration of the Congressional session occurred.

Battaglia’s Approval was unanimously upheld by the committee for a second time in February which led into the flow which occurred on Monday.

A personal injury attorney agrees with this promotion. A local injury law feels this is the right move and is supportive of Battaglia.


Survivors of Train Crash in Court

Two and a half years ago when a passenger train slammed head-on into a freight train there were over 100 people seriously injured. Two of those people sat before a judge in a courtroom and described a horrific scene and their suffering they sustained during the accident.

Their was a $200 million settlement that the judge is determining how to divide up. One man who was most severely injured with damage to his spine and a broken neck wants the judge to determine how to divide the settlement most appropriately. The entire pool of money will likely be divided among the families of 25 who were killed during the accident and 100 other who were injured, advised a injury attorney.

The judge estimated that it will take two months to hear from all of the victims and divide the money most appropriately as there is a federally mandated cap on the fund available. It is not known if a car accident lawyer San Diego will be involved.