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The city of Chula Vista has roots dating back thousands of years. Human activity in this city began in approximately 3000 B.C., when Native American tribes speaking the Yuman language moved into the region.

The modern history of Chula Vista began in 1542, when a fleet of three ships from the Spanish Empire made their way into San Diego Harbor. When California was annexed after the Mexican-American War, the land was still mostly undeveloped and unused. It was not until the completion of the Sweetwater Dam that the land could be properly irrigated, allowing for the growing of lemons and celery.

Chula Vista is a bustling community of over 200,000 people, making it the second largest city in San Diego County. Its biggest industry is the tourism sector, owing to its temperate climate and numerous golf courses, shopping centers, and dining options. It was, however, named one of the “Most Boring Cities in America” because so little happens here. That may not necessarily be a bad thing, as it means that the community is relatively safe and free from the problems that pass for “excitement” in other cities. As a Chula Vista personal injury attorney, I have seen people deal with “excitement” they wish had never happened on a daily basis.

Just because this city is considered boring, however, does not mean that injuries cannot happen here. When an injury occurs due to another person’s negligence, contact a Chula Vista personal injury attorney to discuss your case. This attorney will go over the facts of your case and let you know your chances of a successful outcome.

If you do contact an attorney, they will begin collecting evidence right away, working to build the best case possible to get the largest possible settlement from the insurance company. If that fails, the attorney will file a lawsuit to present your case to a jury. If you’ve been hurt, contact a Chula Vista personal injury today for a free consultation.

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