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Encinitas is a beach community located approximately 25 miles north of San Diego and approximately 95 miles south of Los Angeles. This middle class city is known for its beautiful beaches, which are prime surfing locations. Residents here love to surf, and the city revolves around this activity and its culture.

If you have never surfed, Leucadia is great place to take lessons. As an Encinitas personal injury attorney, however, I must caution you to be careful when trying this sport for the first time. Take all the necessary precautions and look for lessons from a qualified instructor.

After you try your hand at “hanging ten,” you can sit for quiet reflection in the Self Realization Fellowship Hermitage & Meditation Garden. Here, you can bask in the quiet beauty of this garden and meditate on the surroundings. You can lose yourself and become one with the universe or simply go for a quiet stroll and enjoy the garden.

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If you want to see where the locals go to relax, head to Moonlight Beach and enjoy some swimming. This beach is extremely popular with people from Encinitas and provides great facilities for a public beach. The water can be slightly cold, so be sure the weather is right before going for a dip.

Even in this laid back surfing community, injuries from accidents can happen. When they do, contact an Encinitas personal injury attorney. Their knowledge and skills can help ease you through a stressful time. The attorney will focus on your case while you focus on getting healthy. If you have been injured by another person’s carelessness, contact an Encinitas personal injury attorney today for a free consultation.

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