How Long does a Personal Injury Suit Take to be Settled?

The amount of time taken by a personal Injury suit depends upon many different factors, and it can only be estimated after looking at the facts and limitations of the case. Some Personal Injury suits may get settled quicker than others but usually they last for months and years before a verdict is reached.

Depending upon the level of complexity your case involves, your case may even get settled during the pre-trail period. If you are interested in a Pre-trail settlement then you should speak to one of our experienced advocates they will help you in determining the best road to take based on your specific situation.

Taking a case to court is a lengthy process and it can usually take months and years before a case is ready to be presented at a trial. One your trail starts before a jury then it takes about 3-10 days for the case to be settled.

As a general estimate, from filing a suit to the date of the verdict it generally takes about a year or two. For a more specific estimate of the duration of the case, you can talk to one of our expert advocates and they can walk you through your situation.