Choosing a Qualified San Diego Wrongful Death Attorney

Choosing a Qualified San Diego Wrongful Death Attorney

When a loved one has passed and you feel it is of another person or entity’s fault, then you will want to talk to a San Diego wrongful death attorney to learn if you indeed have a lawsuit on your hands. However, finding the right wrongful death attorney is sometimes a feat unto itself and with a case as important and personal to you as a wrongful death case is, you do not want to trust just any lawyer you choose out of the phone book.

After some emotional recovery from your loved one’s death, you probably want to start your attorney search with a fresh mind. Do not let too much time pass before beginning this search in earnest because California’s statute of limitations on wrongful death cases is two years. While that may seem like all the time in the world, in the legal world, it is not. Various investigations must take place and paperwork needs to go through channels before official filing, so the sooner you choose what San Diego wrongful death lawyer will represent you, the better.

You may want to begin your search in the yellow pages by calling several attorneys and talking to them on the phone. This is different than just picking one ad and going with that ad because it seemed simpler. Talking to several wrongful death lawyers in San Diego gives you options. You may know immediately from a five-minute conversation that you can cross someone off the list. Also, ask around. You may know someone who has used a personal injury lawyer in the past, and many personal injury lawyers also handle wrongful death cases. The California bar association can also assist you in your search for the right wrongful death attorney. Once you have spoken to several lawyers, narrow down your list to two or three and set up in-person meetings.

A good wrongful death attorney in San Diego will be up front and honest with you about your case from the start. He will let you know if you have a case at all, and if you do, how difficult court and legal proceedings can be. Some wrongful death lawsuits are settled out of court, and those cases often are much easier to handle. If you feel a wrongful death lawsuit is warranted and you find a good attorney who does as well, then you may be well on your way in a journey for clarity and closure after a loved one dies.


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