Dog Bite Personal Injuries in San Diego

Dog Bite Personal Injuries in San Diego

If you are injured due to a dog bite, you may not feel that you have a lawsuit on your hands, but in many situations you do indeed have a case. There are specific laws that dog owners must follow for their pet’s safety, as well as for the safety of others. If the owners do not follow these laws, they may be liable in a court of law should someone become injured. If you think you may have a valid lawsuit, call a San Diego dog bite attorney and set up a consultation.

In California, a dog owner may be liable for damages if their dog attacks and then bites someone in a public place. They may also be liable if their dog bites someone in a private area that the victim had permission to be in. Also, even if the victim does not get bitten during the attack, if an injury results from someone trying escape a dog attack, the owner can be held responsible. A personal injury lawyer in San Diego will work with you to learn exactly what happened when you suffered your injuries to determine if it is worth going to court or not.

San Diego personal injury lawyers will also be familiar with local leash laws. Many California counties, including San Diego country, require dog owners to keep their dogs on leashes of no more than six feet when not in the home. If an owner fails to comply with this law and his or her dog gets loose and attacks someone, the owner is responsible for any injuries incurred. A parent is also legally allowed to sue on behalf of a minor child who was injured by a dog bite.

A personal injury attorney in San Diego may help you recover damages that can result from a dog bite injury. They include any medical and hospital bills incurred, lost wages during recovery time, a loss of earning power, mental and psychological stress, as well as possible rehabilitation costs. Dog bites can be quite painful and damaging and are much more serious than many people think. A personal injury attorney can work with the defendant to reach a settlement out of court or present the best case possible in a courtroom if the lawsuit gets that far. If you have been injured by a dog bite, do not hesitate to call us today and learn what your legal rights are.

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