Personal Injury Compensation: Knowing your Rights

Personal Injury Compensation: Knowing your Rights

You were walking on your way home.  It was dark but it’s still early, about 7pm.  Then you suddenly realize there’s a bicycle headed on your way and the next thing you know you’re already in the hospital bed. You have work the next day but you can’t get up from the hospital bed.  You’re too worried because an absence means a deduction from your salary and a minus point on your dream promotion.  Your kids have a contribution to be paid in school and you still have to buy some medicine for your spouse.  But there you are, in the hospital.  The longer you spend there, the higher your hospital bill becomes.  The incident is costing you so much and you’re losing hope.  But wait, you can do something.  You can actually file an action for damages.

Personal injury laws work to give people like you who have been injured due to the recklessness of other person/persons.  If you have been hurt and it has cost you a lot of troubles- physical and mental, you can file a suit against the person who injured you most especially when he/she does nothing to help you.  Claim for damages include medications, salary wage, and all other inconveniences you’ve experienced.

Personal injury us covered by the US Torts and Civil laws.  It refers to any form of injury, emotional or physical that anyone can obtain due to another persons negligence.  The respondent may be a private individual, a public office, a corporation or company, and any other establishment.  Though there is no imprisonment involved, personal injury claims center on compensation.

Aside from the given situation above, here are other situations when a person can invoke a claim for personal injury:

– When the personal injury has lead to the death of a family member
– When a person suffered from a doctor’s malpractice which results to physical and health problems
– When an insurance refuse to pay or compensate the account holder or when the former provides insufficient assistance and negates from the agreed contract
– When an employee suffered from mental and physical diseases at work or when an employer insults his/her worker (this can also be covered by compensation laws)
– When there is slander, oral defamation, and libelous actuation coming from one to another person
– When there is battery and assault
– When there is a car accident that resulted from recklessness on the part of the offender

You can always contact San Diego personal injury lawyer law in any case you have been injured.  The lawyer will help you get the compensation that you deserve out of a horrible experience.

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