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La Mesa, meaning “the table” in Spanish, is a city in in the southwest corner of San Diego County. This city has a population of approximately 57,000 with a median home value of around $54,000. This places La Mesa right in the middle as far as income in the San Diego area. Because of this affordability, La Mesa grew by about 3,000 residents since the 2000 census. As such, a La Mesa personal injury attorney has plenty of potential clients.

La Mesa was incorporated in 1912 and does not have a city charter. Therefore, it operates under the laws of the state of California in all regards. It is an attractive option for immigrants to California because of its affordability as well as its temperate climate. The highest average temperature in La Mesa is 86 degrees in August with the lowest average in December at 69 degrees. Therefore the weather stays nice throughout the entire year, a welcome change for those from cold-weather areas.

Perhaps the biggest attraction in La Mesa is the Farmer’s Market which is open every Friday afternoon. Here, people can get fresh produce from the many farms around San Diego, including avocados, mangos, grapefruits, strawberries, and pears. Because of the great prices and the freshness of the food, the La Mesa Farmer’s Market draws in people from around San Diego to browse the foods. However, because it can be slick due to water on the ground or due to discarded peels, it can be an easy place to slip and fall, so this La Mesa personal injury attorney urges you to be careful.

As well as being a beautiful place, La Mesa is also home to many celebrities. Eddie Vedder, lead singer of Pearl Jam, is from La Mesa. It is also the home of NBA player and commentator Bill Walton, and was the home of deceased actor Dennis Hopper. Because of these contributions to the cultural world and the sports world, La Mesa is known around the country as a great place to live and work.

While this is a great place to live and work, accidents can happen here. When they do, call on a La Mesa personal injury attorney. They can listen to your story and give you facts about the process of filing an insurance claim. The consultation is free and the contingency fee means there is no fee unless we collect. Call us today to learn your rights.

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