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Mission Bay is a beautiful saltwater bay located just south of San Diego. It is home to Mission Bay Park, which is the largest man-made aquatic park in the nation. Because of its beautiful waters, Mission Bay is the site of many watersports, including boating, jet skiing, water skiing, fishing, and sailing. The land of the park is also perfect for running, jogging, and biking. With so many people out and about, however, this Mission Bay personal injury attorney wants you to be careful and always be aware of your surroundings, especially on the water.

Mission Bay was mostly empty until the 1940s, when developers saw its potential as a source of outdoor activities and family fun. The Chamber of Commerce decided, in 1944, to begin investing in the area in order to increase tourism in the area and bring visitors in from all over California. Because of certain restrictions on what the land can and cannot be used for, it is guaranteed that a majority of this developed land will remain open to the public for recreational use.

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Mission Bay is popular with swimmers and sunbathers because, unlike other parts of the Pacific Ocean in San Diego, the water is very calm and serene. This makes it very easy for swimmers in the water to enjoy it without worrying about dodging surfers. The beaches are always well-maintained, allowing those who just want to catch some sun to lay out in peace. The calm waters also make it a very popular area for those who engage in crew or rowing.

For those who have more fun on land, there is a golf course nearby which is the only course in San Diego with lights, allowing golfers to play at night. There is also ample space on the park grounds for dog walking, camping, bird watching, and other recreational activities. This Mission Bay personal injury attorney can confirm that this area has something for everyone.

Nothing spoils family fun faster than an injury, especially when it is caused by unnecessary negligence. If you’ve been hurt, contact a Mission Bay public injury attorney right away. They can begin the process of finding witnesses, collecting medical records, and obtaining police reports. They will build the case quickly, allowing you to focus on your health and providing for your loved ones. There is no fee for a consultation, and there is no fee on your case unless we collect. Give us a call today.

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