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One of the oldest parts of San Diego, National City has a past that stretches back thousands of years. Originally settled by the Kumeyaay Native Americans, the area has supported human settlements for literally thousands of years. These Native Americans were skilled hunters and gatherers and developed many of the agricultural techniques and plant life found in the city today.

The first Europeans these Native Americans encountered arrived in 1542, when the Spanish first landed in San Diego. It wasn’t until 200 years later, however, in 1769, that the Spanish set up a large scale mission and began infringing on the Kumeyaay land. By that time, new domestic animals and foreign plants began to degrade the local ecology, forever altering the landscape and forever changing the Kumeyaay way of life. As a National City personal injury attorney, I can empathize with these Native Americans; we see people pushed around all the time, and know how helpless it can feel when faced with an opponent who has vast resources.

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The city faces many of the same problems that are faced in other older cities, namely, crime and poverty. While the crime rate in National City has improved, its homicide rate in 2003 was three times higher than the national average. This city also has higher than normal violent crime rates and property crime rates. In 2008, however, the city did achieve an impressive milestone when it was homicide free for the entire year. As a National City personal injury attorney, I applaud any efforts to keep people safe on the streets.

When visiting National City, be sure to visit the Mile of Cars. This mile stretch between San Diego and Mexico is one of the first “auto malls” in the world, and remains popular to this day. You can also cruise down Highland Avenue, a notorious sport for to cruise in National City. Also, be sure to visit Brick Row for a series of houses designed by R.C. Ball.

This historic city is a great place to visit, but it also has many spots where a person can get injured. If you’ve been hurt, contact a National City public injury attorney today. They can give you information about your potential case, as well as provide peace of mind that a professional is handling it while you work on rehabilitation and getting back to 100%. Contact a National City personal injury attorney to learn about your rights under the law.

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