Police Misconduct

police misconduct

Police misconduct takes may forms. It can be the use of excessive force used against a citizen often called police brutality. That also includes the unnecessary use of deadly force. It can also be arresting someone without probable cause, often called false arrest. Police misconduct includes jail abuse and jail beatings even though that is often conducted by the Sheriff’s Department.

The word “Police” is a general word to encompass all forms of policing authority. Our lawyers have litigated police misconduct cases against numerous law enforcement agencies including the San Diego Police Department, the San Diego Sheriff’s Department, City of National City Police Department, Los Angeles Sheriff’s Office, Customs and Border Protection, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Immigration and Customs Enforcement and the Department of Homeland Security. Lawsuits against state, local and federal law enforcement agencies takes a special knowledge of the law applicable to police misconduct litigation. This includes a knowledge of the Civil Rights Act of 1983, also known as Section 1983 litigation, and it’s federal counterpart called the Bivens action. California also has its own state law civil rights act known as the Unruh and Bane Acts.

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