Privacy Policy

Your confidentiality is my priority. Other than a few very narrow exceptions, any statements made or information revealed during a client’s consultation with an attorney for the purpose of obtaining legal advice is protected by the attorney client privilege. Accordingly, anything that we may discuss is protected, and will not be used or disclosed except as necessary for my representation of you in a case. Honest and frank communication between an attorney and his client is imperative for effective representation in a legal case. My specialty is explaining and justifying whatever transgressions you may have done. But if you are not open and straightforward with me, I will not know what it is that I need to explain. I have heard it all, and I listen without judgment. If I become your attorney, I will be your undying advocate, and there is nothing that you could say to turn me against you or dampen my enthusiasm to defend your case. It goes without saying that I would never sell or rent any information I obtain from you. Any information I obtain from a client or prospective client will only be used to assist me in representing you to the best of my abilities and to communicate with you as necessary to carry out the representation. If there is any information that you have provided that you later wish to have deleted or removed from my records, I will be happy to do so at your request. Therefore, you need not be concerned that information you provide to me will be to your detriment.