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Legend has it that a small band of Native Americans came upon a group of Spaniards and robbed them in 1797. While in pursuit of these Native Americans, the Spaniards came upon a fertile valley and were amazed by its beauty. They named it Los Vallecitos de San Marco (Little Valleys of St. Mark). Thus, San Marcos was founded.

These days San Marcos is best known for being the home of the University of California, San Marcos. This school, with over 10,000 students, was founded in 1989 and became the 20th campus in the California University System. This school hosts a large number of Chinese students, and is known for admitting many students transferring from community college.

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San Marcos is also known for having a great selection of restaurants. The Old California Restaurant Row has many restaurants offering many different types of cuisine, including American food, Italian food, a winery, a brewery, Mexican food, a coffee house, and several different types of seafood. No matter what you are in the mood for, you will find it in this area. As a San Marcos personal injury attorney, I often take friends or clients here because I know we will find a restaurant we can agree upon amongst our many choices.

The city also features numerous parks and open spaces. Perhaps the best known is Double Peak Park. Here, a person can get a panoramic view of various parts of San Diego while hiking through beautiful trails and scenery.

Another park in the area is Community Garden Park. Here, residents can come and plant various vegetables and other plants and tend to them together. There is an impressive variety of different flora grown by all different types of people in the community.

San Marcos is a beautiful city, but even here, accidents can happen and injuries can occur. If you have found yourself the victim of just such an accident, contact a San Marcos personal injury attorney right away. You likely have many questions and are likely being pressured by the insurance company to settle. You need a strong ally in your corner, and this attorney will be such an ally.

Always with your best interest in mind, the San Marcos personal injury attorney will see to it that you are compensated for direct economic damages as well as non-economic damages. They will see to it that you fully recover from all financial losses you’ve incurred. For a free consultation, call us today.

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