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San Ysidro is in the south of San Diego County, right along the border with Mexico. This city is named after San Ysidro Labrador, the patron saint of farmers. This city was first settled in 1908 by “The Little Landers,” and was essentially the first commune in the United States. Its members lived and worked together, lived off the land, pooled resources collectively, and sought to live free of competition, jealousy, and want.

This city was annexed in 1957 when San Diego County annexed the entirety of what is now South San Diego. Residents did attempt to reverse this and spin off into their own county in 1973, but were unsuccessful. As a San Ysidro personal injury attorney, I think it is good that residents tried to get what they wanted and exercised their rights, even if they were unsuccessful.

The city of San Ysidro is best known for the San Ysidro Port of Entry, the world’s busiest land border crossing. Each year, approximately 50 million people pass through this port into the United States. Many of these people are workers entering the United States to head to jobs, but some are Americans returning from Mexico having gone sightseeing or gone to Tijuana for entertainment. Because the line for traffic is long, many people choose to cross the border on foot, then take public transit into their respective cities.

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This city was also home to an infamous public shooting. In 1984, James Oliver Huberty opened fire in a McDonald’s restaurant, killing 21 people and wounding 19. No clear motive was ever found for why this massacre occurred, as the shooter was killed and he left behind no note or explanation. His wife claims that a failed real estate deal may have triggered the episode, combined with his losing his job about two weeks prior to the shooting.

This horrible tragedy reinforces that you just never know when something awful is going to happen. When an unexpected injury occurs, the San Ysidro personal injury attorney can’t make the pain go away, but they can help get you compensated for damages. While this won’t make up entirely for the injury, it will certainly help.

If you have been injured by the negligence of another, contact a San Ysidro personal injury attorney to learn your rights. The consultation is free and there is no fee unless you collect. The information can only help you, if nothing else for peace of mind knowing whether you have a case or not. For your free consultation, call us today.

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