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Located in the east of San Diego County, Santee is a city of approximately 53,000 people. The city is bisected by the San Diego River, which gives the city a natural habitat for biking, running, fishing, and other outdoor activities. The city is seen as one full of growth potential because of its lush vegetation and affordability.

Because of its temperate climate and ample park spaces, many activities in Santee focus on the outdoors or on sports. Sportsplex USA Santee is a sports complex that opened in 2010. Covering 15 acres, the Sportsplex has lighted batting cages, two soccer fields, three lighted softball fields, and a full restaurant.

Another popular activity in Santee is to climb the Santee Boulders. These rocks have thin faces and mantles and can be reasonably easy to climb. There are, however, more difficult crags for the more experienced rock climber. Even though these boulders are technically on private land, they are open to the public. As a Santee personal injury attorney, I do urge caution when climbing these rocks, as a fall could result in serious injury.

Another popular attraction in Santee is the Carlton Oaks Golf Course. Designed by Hall of Fame golfer Pete Dye, this course is a challenging 18 holes, and is also very beautiful. There is also a lodge and a restaurant located on the grounds for something to do when the round is over. In addition, it was named one of the best spots in San Diego to get married.

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Finally, if culture is more your taste, you can enjoy the ten-week free concert series held in the summer. It features various types of music from around the city. The Santee Wine & Bluegrass Festival is held each fall and is a fundraiser for parks and local youth activities.

No matter what you enjoy, there is likely something for you love in Santee. But unexpected injuries can ruin even the best of times. If you’ve been injured due to the negligence of another person, talk to a Santee personal injury attorney today. Their knowledge and expertise will reassure you and allow you the peace of mind to focus on recovery, while their aggressiveness in dealing with the insurance company will get you every penny you deserve.

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