San Diego Injury at Zoo Involving Panda

San Diego Injury at Zoo Involving Panda

A personal injury in San Diego occurred at the San Diego zoo recently when a keeper had to be taken to the hospital after being bitten by a giant panda. Although pandas look cute and cuddly, they can be very aggressive and overpowering bears that bite extremely hard.

This incident happened on a Sunday when the keeper was trying to move the giant panda back to her enclosure. Although the zoo did not release much in the way of details of the injury, it did describe the injury has a “bite”.

The zookeeper was a woman and she was treated at a local San Diego hospital. In the meantime California’s division of occupational safety and health is investigating the incident.

A injury lawyer in San Diego noticed a report in which zoo officials mentioned that they have not previously had an incident like this with pandas. This injury lawyer also works with a motorcycle accident lawyer San Diego.

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